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At 21C3 there will be much more projects in BlinkenArea than at any other event before. The possibilities of interaction will be increased. Further on we will work together with the VJs from the Art&Beauty area, because the visuals will be streamed on some Blinkenlights projects. Co-operation with POC will of course be extended. 10 ISDN B-channels and more than 10 DECT ports will be provided for the BlinkenArea. We will support the POC with all our resources and we will help them administrating the telephone network. POC and BlinkenArea will share a number interval (2000 - 2099) at 21C3 and together they will develop and operate the CongressTV.


Because the BlinkenArea is very service-oriented, we will provide telephonical support during the congress and answer all your blinking questions around the clock. Before and after the congress, you can use our BlinkenArea-FAQ, our Mailinglist and our forum. You can also write a us mail any time.


We'll provide some services this year, too. With your phone, you can play Pong, Retris, Snake, TickTackToe or Pacman. Of course, movies may be started on demand. The BlinkenArea streams can be requested dynamically with BlinkenSim, BlinkenSimVb or ArcadeListener. For interested people who do not want to install a program, we'll provide a Java applet. Webcam and Telnet streams did not work out well last year, because of the bandwidth these services need. The new streams will eat much less bandwidth. How everything exactly works will be described later. If you are at the congress and do not have a phone, you can come and play on one of the 4 phones we will set up in the BlinkenArea for public use.


We are preparing several assembly kits (PCB + all components), so that everybody will be able to build his own blinking project. The following kits will be available: ARCADEmini (Building the ARCADEmini), BlinkenLEDs Pro and BlinkStroemAdvanced. Detailed information and pricing can be found at BlinkenAreaKits.

If you are interested in a Kit or a PCB, please contact ST.


1stein and ST want to do a lecture with the name "The blinking Suspects". Of course, the name is only to be understand as a pun with the motto of the congress. The content will be the hardware, software, network protocols and the (home-)building of blinking objects. The big projects like Blinkenlights and Arcade will not be discussed in detail, because there were already many lectures about them. We'll bring all of our portbale projects to our lecture and show them. The language of the lecture will be German. The lecture will be held at the first day of the congress, December 27th 2004 from 1600 to 1700 in Lecture-Room 2.

BlinkenArea Movie Contest

Because ARCADEmini needs a new standard movie, we'll try again to organize a movie contest and hope for more participants than last year. All movies sent in will be played on our Arcade replicas so that you will not have to watch them only at your PC. If you want to participate, please have a look at BlinkenArea Movie Contest 2004.