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Everyone who likes to, can subscribe to our mailinglist. You will stay up to date and may participate discussing.

To enter the list have a look at

  ATTENTION: This mail-server DOES NOT accept HTML-mails. 
  All users, please put the settings of your mail-software, so that you only send plain text.

The "rules" of the list:

Please write ASCII-text, which is readable on every system. Switch off HTML (Windows calls it sometimes "rich-text") and don't use MIME.

Special advise for Outlook-user:

We urgently have to advice you against using MS Outlook. Lapses in safety provision are making this mail-client simply unacceptable. If you use it nevertheless, put it on "international settings". This option can be find in Outlook under Tools, Options, Mail-Format, International Options. In Outlook Express under Tools, Options, Send, International Settings. Finally is the option to use UUENCODE for attachments to plain text messages, instead of the default MIME attachments. The following line has to be activated: "Use English for message headers on replies and forwards". Preferred encoding for outgoing messages should be West European (ISO). Please don't send attachments to the list, a simple link to the corresponding file is sufficient.

Signatures: short sigs, okay, but no visiting cards.

Answering and quoting

Everybody, who wants to post to our list, should go into quoting before. Short HowTo: and

Text above, fullquote below is undesired. That destroys the logic of information and forces the reader to scroll senseless up and down.

Don't repeat the whole text of the one, you like to cite. Only quote the points, you like to discuss or answer on.

Mention the one you quote ("Hello Alf,"), then the short quote with ">" before each line, after that the own position/answer and at the end complimentary close ("rgds. Ronny").

These rules are not for being annoying, but they should avoid chaos and unnecessary data traffic, as well as preventing from misunderstandings.

And now enjoy the list!