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In 2003, Blinken Area was part of the so called Art & Beauty Villages at the 2. Chaos Communication Camp provided by the Chaos Computer Club. Every fourth year people meet there to talk about different topics, present projects and develop new ones. At this camp the blinking projects accrued which are modelled on Blinkenlights, a project of Chaos Computer Club installed in “Haus des Lehrers” (Alexanderplatz, Berlin) in 2001. In this project, the facade was turned into a huge display capable of projecting animated gifs, all sorts of messages as well as simple games that were playable with a mobile phone.

The great success of the BlinkenArea led to a meta-project and a group was formed by people who already developed and realised their projects at the camp. This new group should provide a basis to work together more closely, support each other and to combine energy and creativity. It was beyond all question that the name of the new founded group had to be "BlinkenArea".

The group grows constantly and by now, almost 60 hard- and software projects have been developed and realised. This site is our portal where all our projects are collected. An overview is available on the page Projects which leads to further and more detailed information about the different projects on seperate pages. The Wiki solution enables everybody to work on the content. Thus, the Wiki provides information about completed, current and future projects of the BlinkenArea. For any question, you will find contact persons on the particular pages.


BlinkenArea Camp Review

Everybody who is interested in our "blinken" projects and wants to contribute or support our honorary work is cordially welcomed. We are always looking for software engineers, tinkerer, translators, news editors, designer, musicians (set movies to music), and -- of course -- new projects. You can create topics in this Wiki, improve existing topics or upload your Blinken-Software. A server account is available for very involved BlinkenPeople. You will have an eMail-adress (username at and webspace at

The BlinkenArea runs a Mailinglist and a discussion forum where you can ask questions, join in the conversation or just read along.

We just started to reconstruct historical documents from the year 1903, the first gathering of the BlinkenArea-Team.