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project overview
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Year 2003-2005
Number of pixels 520
Grayscales / Colors 16 Grayscales
Illuminant low current LED
Power input 2500mW
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Project website

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ARCADEmini is a small standalone replica of Blinkenlights Arcade with 520 LEDs. Usually, the movies are played from a Compact-Flash card, but is is also possible to connect ARCADEmini to the USB port of a computer.

But there is even more: Additionally to movies, games can be loaded onto ARCADEmini. Then it's possible to play e.g. Pacman on ARCADEmini using two SNES-Controllers.

There is also some sort of kit to build ARCADEmini.

Pictures & Videos

Efelon's WhiteArcade:

Divx.gif File:Whitearcade-divx.avi [2,3 MB]