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As last year, the BlinkenArea will organize a movie contest. But this time, we are searching for a movie in Arcade format, i.e. 20x26 pixels with greyscales. We'll also hope for more participants and promise to create a much better voting procedure.

Because the winning movie shall be used as the new standard movie (i.e. the movie that is played if no CF card is plugged in) in ARCADEmini and our new ARCADEmaxi, some requirements have to be fulfilled by movies being sent in:

  • 20x26 pixels must be used (i.e. evey pixel must be on at least once)
  • greyscales must be used
  • film has to fit into the processor
    • -- 14 kB when compiled
    • -- about 50 frames (without compression)

Because ARCADEmini is programmable (in ARCADEmini assembler), it is possible to send in programs instead of movies. So, demo programmers get started. :-)

Please send in movies to: 1stein-at-mail-dot-blinkenarea-dot-org


  • being the one who made the ARCADEmini standard movie
  • TODO (e.g. a KippenLights special edition)


Because nobody has taken part in the contest so far, there will be no voting.

We'll accept movies / programs until 21C3 day 3 16:00h. Then, we'll decide spontaneously who gets the price, a KippenLights special.

Because only Rene Schickbauer has sent in a Movie, he has won and has got the KippenLights special.