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Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite
Year 2004
Architecture i386
Operating System Windows
Hardware requirements -
Software requirements VB runtime
Source Code Size 24kB
Memory requirements ?
Language Visual Basic
Contact person Stephan 'ST' Kambor, Stefan Schürmans
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite

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This Blinkenlights simulator is able to show a Blinkenlights stream using several themes, e.g. the Haus des Lehrers, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and a BlinkenLEDs. It needs Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries and mswinsck.ocx.

  • support for BLP, EBLP and MCUF protocol
  • support for dynamic protocol extensions
  • greyscale support
  • fullscreen mode
  • several themes

current version: [609 kB]
(Windows, source + compiled, zip)