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Chaos Communication Congress

Since 1984 the Chaos Communication Congress takes place from the 27th to 29th of December, it is an annual event of the Chaos Computer Club. Until the end of the 90's the Congress was held in Hamburg and the 15C3 (1998) was the first Congress in Berlin. In the meanwhile around 2000 upto 3000 people are meeting and interchange information, they listen to lectures with a wide range of topics. They discuss about technical innovations, security, politics, culture and everything that has something to do with the CCC in the wider sense. They enjoy recapitulating the last year and speculating in the Security Nightmares about what industry and politics will unleash on an unsuspecting world in the next year. It is alarming, that sometimes statements, which were not taken seriously last year, became true and other trends, which seemed to be obvious and logical, did not. At the end of each Congress they love to play Hacker Jeopardy, where courageous nerds can prove their knowledge and the winner from last year has to defend his title. More information about the Congresses can be found here:

24c3 - Volldampf voraus! (2007)

23c3 - Who can you trust? (2006)

2006 There was only a very small BlinkenArea in 2006.

22c3 - Private Investigations (2005)


21c3 - the usual suspects (2004)


20C3 - Not A Number (2003)


The BlinkenArea was also represented at the 20th Chaos Communication Congress from the 27th - 29th of December 2003 in Berlin. We set up a 20C3 Blinkenarea Weblog [1], where we reported live from the Congress. More information are available at the BlinkenArea website [2] in the 20C3 Wiki. Furthermore 1stein wrote down some of his experiences in the 20C3 diary [3].

[1] [2] [3] 20C3 diary

19C3 - Out Of Order (2002)


There are not a lot of information existing about the 19C3, because the BlinkenArea in this form was not founded yet. But there were already blinking activities at this Congress. 1stein and Sphaera presented their project BLINKENmini in the Haecksen-room and in the lab you could find: Cavac with BlinkServ in early stage, ST & Kathe with LittleLights, the BlinkenBoard people, as well as the Blinkenlights Crew with some exhibits of their big installation. The guys from Blinkenlights were also working on their software for the blinking sign in front of the House Of The Teacher, which they put into operation already.

Some pictures and videos can be find in ST's 19C3 review: