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The Blinkenlights project was the successful attempt to convert the "Haus des Lehrers" [ = house of the teacher ] at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin into a huge computer screen. Arcade was the preceeding project implemented by the group "Project Blinkenlights".

  To clear up any confusion one has to know that the BlinkenArea is not Project Blinkenlights and vice versa.

The BlinkenArea is a meta-project for possible Blinkenlights reproductions and other blinking projects. Since we have many similarities we are in contact and when possible we work together or help each other out. Basically Project Blinkenlights and BlinkenArea are two different groups.


So far there have been following Blinkenlights installations:

12. - 23.10.2oo5 Instant Blinkenlights

02. - 04.10.2oo4 Blinken-Lite

22.12.2oo3 - 04.01.2oo4 Blinkenlights Reloaded

25.09. - 6.10.2oo2 Arcade

12.09.2oo1 - 23.02.2oo2 Blinkenlights