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Year 2011
Architecture Atmel AVR
Operating System none
Hardware requirements 8 KiB flash
Software requirements none
Source Code Size -
Memory requirements [123 + (number of pixels) * (colour channels) + stack] Bytes
Language AVR assembly
Contact person Arne Rossius

The BlinkenPlus firmware is a common firmware for several BlinkenLights and ARCADE clone projects. It supports playing BlinkenMovies from the microcontroller's flash memory, from SD card or using an incoming MCUF stream via RS232. It also outputs an MCUF stream for every frame it displays (no matter what source).


  • supported controllers (not all controllers compatible with all projects):
    • ATmega8515
    • ATmega162
    • ATmega16
    • ATmega32
    • ATmega644
    • ATmega644PA
  • supported resolutions:
    • 18 x 8 pixels, monochrome (1/8 and 1/18 multiplexing)
    • 18 x (8 x RGB) pixels, RGB colour (1/18 multiplexing)
    • (20 x RG) x 8 pixels, RG colour (1/4 multiplexing)
    • 26 x 20 pixels, monochrome (1/20 multiplexing)
    • (26 x RGB) x 20 pixels, RGB colour (1/20 multiplexing)
    • arbitrary (only with StreamSplitter)
  • supports MMC, SD and SDHC cards
    • supports FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems (very small cards with FAT12 must be reformatted to FAT16 before they can be used)
    • supports multiple partitions on the card (the first primary partition with a partition ID of 0x04, 0x06, 0x0B or 0x0C will be used)
    • Supported file formats: BIN, BLM, BML, BBM

Supported Projects

See Category:BlinkenPlusProjects.


The configuration options can be found in the file "" (or at the beginning of "blinkenplus.asm" for older versions). They are automatically set if you select one of the supported projects or can be configured manually for your own project or if you don't like the standard settings. See the comments in the assembly file for explanation of the options.


Latest version first.

A full list of changes can be found in the file "changes.txt" in the ZIP archive.