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project overview
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Year 2019
Number of pixels 520
Grayscales / Colors 512
Illuminant SMD LEDs (1x1 mm)
Power input ? W
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website

ArcadeNano Colour is the colour version of ArcadeNano. It is powered through a Mini-USB jack.

Unlike the monochrome version, there is no lighium polymer battery as the circuit requires exactly 5 V due to the RGB LEDs, and there was no space left on the circuit board for a voltage converter. An external 5 V supply can be connected to the "Ext" solder pads on the bottom of the circuit board. The on/off switch then switches between USB and "Ext" supply.


  • 26x20 = 520 pixels, aspect ratio 1:2
  • MicroSD card
    • Supports SD and SDHC
    • File systems: FAT16 and FAT32
    • File formats: BIN, BLM, BML, BBM
  • MCUF stream through a virtual serial port via USB (CH340C)
    • 115200 Baud (max. 7.3 fps)
    • Stream output for all displayed frames (from microcontroller flash memory, SD card or incoming stream)
  • Power supply:
    • USB (5V), max. ??? mA



This project uses the BlinkenPlus firmware.


More photos at