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project overview
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AMC operating3.jpg
Year 2013
Number of pixels 520
Grayscales / Colors RGB, 83 = 512 colours
Illuminant SMD LEDs
Power input 4.5 W
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website

ArcadeMicro Colour is a project with the same resolution as BlinkenLights ARCADE (26x20 pixels, pixel aspect ratio 1:2) with RGB LEDs in the same size as the monochrome ArcadeMicro.


The LED matrix is made up from three times 26 columns (for red, green and blue) and 20 rows. The multiplexing is going across the rows from bottom to top, so only one line is lit up at a time. The refresh rate is 100 Hz for the lowest grayscale and increases for brighter LEDs. The electronics must be supplied from a 5 V power supply capable of supplying at least 0.9 A.

This project uses two PCBs: one containing only the LEDs and one containing the controlling circuitry. The two PCBs are connected through the board-to-board connectors X1 to X5.

On the controller board Rev. 1.0 (and Rev. 1.0b), the green and blue connections are swapped for one of the LED columns. For this reason, a fix must be enabled in the BlinkenPlus software.

Controller Board

LED Board


This project uses the BlinkenPlus firmware.


More photos available at