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As we can't sell kits directly like past CCC events, we're making some simple electronics kits available to order online, and we'll send them by mail. The kits will be available to order until we run out. Support for these kits is available only from BlinkenArea (not from Binary Kitchen) via e-mail at any time, and by phone/video call during rC3 (outside workshop times) when someone is available. Kits contain all necessary components, a circuit board and printed instructions in English.

These kits are available, please contact Arne to order:

  • LED Light Chaser Ring (20 LED version): 5 € (see below for colours)
  • LED Light Chaser Ring (30 LED version): 6 € (see below for colours). This version has a small layout error, a trace has to be cut and a wire bridge must be soldered. Both of these things are easy to do, the details are in the included assembly instructions.
  • DUCK: 15 € (batteries not included, 3x AA required) SOLD OUT.
  • LCD Clock: 20 € (batteries not included, 3x AAA required)

For the LED light chaser rings, you can choose the LEDs from the list below. A mix of colours is possible.

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • yellowish green
  • blue
  • white (not diffused)

(Currently all colours are in stock.)

Prices do not include shipping cost. All kits ship from the UK, postage to mainland Europe usually 4-6 Eur (depending on size/weight) and possibly additional charges because of import VAT due to Brexit.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (German account in EUR or UK account in GBP) or through PayPal "friends and family".