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Here is the first set of restored photos of the original BlinkenArea-Camp from the year 1903. Unfortunately the quality of the pictures is very poor, but in those days they did not have better photographic equipment (UPDATE: With state-of-the-art image processing technology - such as Gimp - it was possible to greatly enhance picture quality). The description of the pictures were restored from available historical documents.

Right after these photographs had been taken, the crew left planet earth with a spaceship to set off on a jouney through time into the next decade (UPDATE: Seems they came back for visits in subsequent years).

The team of the original BlinkenArea project.
As far as we know, this was the first BlinkenArea.
Two of the popular projects: "ChristmasCandleBlink" and "AmplifierTubeBlink".
Project "RotatingArcades" is based on producing a picture through rotating lightbulbs.
State-of-the-art communication by means of automated morse-transmitters.
A ticker tape is prepared for the next day.
A part of the Crew tries the so-called 'Fast Food' for the first time.
Training in the "weightlessness-simulator" for the upcoming space flight.
The space ship "Fairy Dust" is ready for takeoff.

We have found the first moving pictures from the years 1903/1904, a first section of nearly unprocessed video is available: download [29MB]

As soon as the process of restoring the historical documents and photographs is making further progress, there will be more information available here.

Photographs: Rene Schickbauer - Austrian copyright applies!