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Welcome to the BlinkenArea Wiki

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Welcome in the BlinkenArea, the portal for "blinken" [=flashing/sparkling/blinking] projects. The BlinkenArea is a project group of people who are interested in computers and electronics and in a creative handling of both of it. They attend to the research and operation of flashing projects. In the meantime, more than 60 hard- and software projectes were developed. The group grows constantly and the number of small and big projects rises as well. The major projects have been the pixel room TROIA and the display building bluebox. Detailled information about all projects is available on the page Projects. News are always published in the BlinkenArea Blog.

Origin and motivation

The page BlinkenArea tells you more about history, background and motivation. Apart from realising projects, the BlinkenArea people set their sights on collecting money which is scheduled to flow into public welfare, e.g. by selling own developed assembly kits or campaigns within bigger projects. The attention is focussed on supporting children, fighting against poverty and spreading education. Information about the social engagement of the BlinkenArea people can be found on the page Campaign. The BlinkenArea set further objectives which are listed on the page Goals.


Everybody who is interested in our "blinken" projects and wants to contribute or support our honorary work is cordially welcomed. We are always looking for software engineers, tinkerer, translators, news editors, designer, musicians (set movies to music), and -- of course -- new projects. If you want to join the BlinkenArea, please visit the page Join. The BlinkenArea runs a Mailinglist and a discussion forum where you can ask questions, join in the conversation or just read along.


Information for journalists and editors is available on the page Press.