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Apart from realising projects, the BlinkenArea people set their sights on collecting money which is scheduled to flow into public welfare, e.g. by selling own developed assembly kits or campaigns within bigger projects. The attention is focussed on supporting children, fighting against poverty and spreading education.

Furthermore, some BlinkenArea people take a hand in the social situation in Germany. Critical articles published in the BlinkenArea Blog are due to deliver food for thought and to initiate actions.

Reports about the BlinkenArea's contribution to society can be found below.

bluebox (2006): fundraising campaign

Within different activities we tried to use the attention to raise money which will flow into public welfare. Alltogether 1600 EUR have been collected by adopted windows, the 0900-Number to play games or see messages on the building and private donations.

The BlinkenArea decided that 250 EUR should be donated to Unicef and a so called "Schule in der Kiste". This is a big box with a lot of material for learining and teaching for 80 children in trouble areas. Since 1994, UNICEF were able to deliver thousands of those boxes and 10 million children had the chance to learn by them only in 2004. Worldwide, about 115 million children have not the possibility to go to school. More about the bluebox fundraising campaign: