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  * [[http://www.bitsnbugs.de/icmp/][ICMP]]
* [http://www.bitsnbugs.de/icmp/ ICMP]
  * [[http://icmp2.de/][ICMP 2]]
* [http://icmp2.de/ ICMP 2]

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The International Club Mate Party is a small camp in Münchsteinach. Since 2002 it takes place every two years and is organized by the CCC Erlangen.

ICMP 2 (2004)

At the ICMP 2 from the 5th of August up to the 8th of August 2004 some people of the BlinkenArea and their projects were part of the camp, too. Along the well-known projects like ARCADEmini and LittleLights, our latest project ArcadeMaxi was presented to the public for the first time. Two lectures were held by BlinkenArea members. Kathe talked about Computeralgebrasystems and Cavac about Secure web-programming with Perl. Reports about the camp can be read in our ICMP2Log.