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project overview
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Year 2004
Number of pixels 520
Grayscales / Colors 16 Grayscales
Illuminant light bulb
Power input 1040W
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Project website -
  • internal code name: Glühbirnenglotze
  • a big Arcade replica, based on ARCADEmini
  • will be build on the CBC2004 by (almost) everybody in teamwork

Arcademaxi-01.jpg Arcademaxi-02.jpg Arcademaxi-03.jpg

mechanical data:
  * 26 x 20 windows, 98.4 x 149.6 cm
  * divisible into 4 parts, each with 13 x 10 windows, 49.2 x 74.8 cm
  * window size 3.8 x 7.5 cm, 1 cm border between windows, 4mm border outside, 2.8 x 6.5 cm light area
  * base is wooden board, into which holes for the bulbs are drilled
  * aluminium foil on front surface of board as reflector and maybe positive pole
  * light area out of sandwich paper behind a thin plexiglass pane

Arcademaxi-04.jpg Arcademaxi-05.jpg Arcademaxi-06.jpg

electrical data:
  * one light bulb per window: 18 V 100 mA
  * driven with Darlington arrays ULN2803
  * storage of the current lamp states in latches (74HC573 oder 74HC574) to convert the matrix drive into a "real" PWM for each lamp
  * power supply with homebuild mains adapter 20 V 40 A %BR%
     - transformer (15 V rms, 21 V maximum, 40 A) %BR%
     - rectifier (8 duo Schottky diods on heatsink) %BR%
     - electrolytic capacitor aggregation (94 mF out of 20 times 4700 µF)

ArcadeMaxi power supply unit capacitors

Arcademaxi-09.jpg Arcademaxi-10.jpg Arcademaxi-11.jpg