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project overview
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Year 2004
Number of pixels 18
Grayscales / Colors 64 Grayscales
Illuminant low current LED
Power input 270mW
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Project website -

AntiKippenLights was built in advance of the 21C3 by Stefan Schürmans as a successor of KippenLights.

AntiKippenLights (also known as KippenLightsSpezial) contains a PIC Microcontroller which can control all the LEDs seperately and thus play several animations (some of which with greyscales!) on the AntiKippenLights. The order of the animations is determined by the electromagnetic pollution the antenna receives and thus is quite random.



Note: please use low current LEDs!

Bill of Material (with order numbers for Reichelt)

Q. Name Reichelt No.
1 Diode 1N4148 (reverse polarity protection) 1N4148
2 Capacitor 100nF KERKO 100N oder Z5U-2,5 100N
1 Voltage Regulator 5V/100mA 78L05 µA 78L05
1 PIC-Microcontroller PIC16C54C-04P
1 IC-Socket 18 pin (optional GS 18P
2 Capacitor 22pF KERKO 22P
1 Quartz 4MHz 4,0000-HC49U-S
1 Ceramic Resonator 4 MHz* CST 4,00
6 Resistor 560 Ohms, 1/4 W 1/4W 560
18 Low-Current-LED 5mmø, red LED 5MM 2MA RT
10 cm Wire (for antenna) -

*(alternative to quartz and 2x22pF, doesn't fit into PCB layout!)

PCB-Layout (double sided, no jumper wires!)



Divx.gif Video from 21C3 [DivX 358 KB]