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Everybody who is interested in our "blinken" projects and wants to contribute or support our honorary work is cordially welcomed. We are always looking for software engineers, tinkerer, translators, news editors, designer, musicians (set movies to music), and -- of course -- new projects.

You want to join BlinkenArea? Please get in touch with Stephan 'ST' Kambor or Stefan Schürmans, founders of the BlinkenArea group. Please attach a brief report of your project or what ever you are going to do. You will get an user name and a password.

A server account is available for very involved Blinken-people. You will have an eMail adress like username at and webspace at

Mailinglist & Forum

Please subscribe our Mailinglist to get up-to-date information. Furthermore, the BlinkenArea runs a discussion forum where you can ask questions, join in the conversation or just read along. Use it for every conceivable question about BlinkenArea topics. Of course, you can also ask all the other BlinkenArea people.


Your new Wiki account is useable to create new pages or edit existing ones. Please take up your own user page, so the others can meet you in this manner. To get an easy start, you can seize suggestions which other users already had when designing their pages. All users are listed and you will find your page in this overview, too.

If your have any problems or if you are not familiar with a MediaWiki, we recommend you the following pages: Wikipedia help or Wikimedia.

Some further advices:

Please create a wiki page for any project, even if you just insert a picture and a link which refers to your project website. This makes a wiki word useable for every project. Of course, it would be nice to have also a short description of the project. The header of the pages should always be the same. Thus, we prepared these copy drafts:

Header for German pages:

''[[Projekte|zurück zur Übersicht]]''

Header for English pages:

''[[Projects|back to summary]]''

This wiki is bilingual, which means that all topics shall be available in German and English. You are not able to translate your pages in both languages? Do not worry! Every registered user is in the position to edit. When you come across any page in only one language, please translate, if possible. In any case, those pages should be listed among Translate on the page ToDo. This applies also to find, note and correct all sorts of mistakes. Additionally, you will find all the things to be done there.


The BlinkenArea runs an own Blog. You like writing about different topics? Then you are in line with the other editors. Please contact Juliane or Stephan.

We urgently have to advice you against using the MS Internet Explorer. Conceptual shortcomings, lapse in safety provision, as well as taking no notice of standards are making this browser simply unacceptable.