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* https://camp2003.blinkenarea.org/xyphro/
* https://camp2003.blinkenarea.org/xyphro/
* https://camp2003.blinkenarea.org/xyphro/xyphro.zip [13 MB]
* https://camp2003.blinkenarea.org/xyphro/xyphro.zip [13 MB]

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Chaos Communication Camp

As well as 4 years ago, the Chaos Communication Camp stood on the plan for summer 2004. ST had a vision about an area with blinking projects and wrote an email to all blinkeholicans he knew. With a post in the BLINKENmini forum at the 23th of June in 2003 the BlinkenArea was founded spontaneously and we started a thread for planning. From the 5th to the 10th of August our area was properly blinking at the paddock between 1800 people with tents, computers, kilometers of cable, electronics, phone infrastructure (analog, ISDN, DECT), hundreds of projects and all the heart desires. Power supply was guaranteed by 3 diesel-powered electric generators (1x redundant) and 155 Mbit internet connection via a directional aerial to Berlin. I want to mention here, that before and after the camp nothing existed at this 60000 squaremeters paddock, besides of horses (which are probably still coping with the cultural shock).


The first meeting of the BlinkenArea was in the 21st century at the Chaos Communication Camp 2003, after they set off on a time journey 1903. For this you can find a detailed documentation. At https://camp2003.blinkenarea.org/ you can find among other things:

  • all 5 days fully described and illustrated
  • 10 short videos
  • overview about all attended projects
  • downloads and information concerning Blinken Server Condor
  • press reports [only in German]
  • gallery with more than 100 pictures
  • 1274 Blinkenlights movies
  • 450 Arcade films
  • and the Subether BlinkenArea Interview with Spheara

The pictures from Xyphro are available here: