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Enjoy the pictures!
Enjoy the pictures!

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At the EasterHack in Munich some people asked, if there would be a Blinkenlights-reproduction-workshop. Unfortunetaly there was not enough space at the EasterHack and not enough time to make preparations. Besides of that, Main.StefanSchuermans had already the idea about organizing a BlinkenArea-meeting on a long summer-weekend. Because this year there will be no CCCamp, where we could meet.

These are the reasons for organizing CBC #1.


  • 10.06. - 13.06.2004


  • Landing-Ground: the garden of Stefan Schürmans' parents, which is "cheap to rent"
  • Base-Camp: party cellar

The area is already supplied with running water, sanitary facilities, swimming pool, barbecue, power supply, LAN and internet and is located on the southern outskirts of Mönchengladbach (ca. 50km NW from Cologne).


  • celebrating 1 year BlinkenArea
  • building a big Arcade: ARCADEmaxi
  • improving existing blinking projects
  • planning the future of the BlinkenArea (i.e. TROIA)
  • supporting newbies to build their own blinking project
  • portable mini-projects (i.e. KippenLights)
  • Retro-Computing with C64-Lights
  • barbecue, splash around in the pool, lying in the sun
  • just meeting and having fun
  • your suggestions...


We have still some space. If you want to come, please send a short application to Main.StefanSchuermans and get in touch with Rene Schickbauer to get on the BlinkenArea-Meeting List. Announced participants can directly subscribe the mailinglist by sending a mail to majordomo at grumpfzotz.org with "subscribe blinkentreff" without quotation marks in the BODY (not the subject!).


More than 150 photos were taken to capture the atmosphere of the CBC and the particular steps of building ArcadeMaxi. Thanks to Sascha who made them available on his own server:


Camp Documentation

CBCamp diary

Enjoy the pictures!