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Easterhack-2004-muenchen.jpg Easterhegg IV | Munic

From the 09th - 12th April 2004 the BlinkenArea will materialize itself in form of Kathe, Sphaera, 1stein and ST for the first time at an Easterhack. We thought of a workshop with BlinkenLEDS and ARCADEmini] to solder and building it by yourself, but unfortunately the necessary premises are not available. 1stein and ST will still hold an extensive lecture with hands-on projects and discussion round.

Stefan "1stein" Schürmans and STephan "ST" Kambor

This time the blinking houses in Berlin and Paris are not in the first place here, but especially the numerous projects which have been developed through Blinkenlights. Not only hardware-projects like BlinkenMini, LittleLights, ArcadeMini, RotArcade, BlinkenLEDS and so on, also a lot of software projects. Tools to control the hardware, to distribute Blinkenlights-movies in networks, to convert and to visualize as Telnetstream or animated graphics. Games as Pong, Retris, Snake or TickTackToe can be played local or over net or telephone on 8x18 pixels or more devices. Even some exotics have been arisen, like BlinkOS, Kippenlights and ProjectBlinky.

We will go into the mode of operation of the individual projects, the compatibility with the original Blinkenlights-projects and the Blinkenlights-software. We will review the file formats and network protocols, too. Of course all other questions on the subject of Blinkenlights will be answered according to best knowledge and conscience. We take along BlinkenMini, LittleLights, ArcadeMini, as well as the complete range of software.

The lecture takes place on Saturday, 10th of April 2004 from 1800 until 2000 in the K1-workshop-room [cellar]. If there are still questions and discussions we will stay longer.



Easterhegg 2004 diary