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Project Videos

Divx.gif Arcade Maxi Video #1 [10 MB] (June 2004)

Divx.gif Arcade Maxi Video #2 [6 MB] (December 2004)

Divx.gif BlinkenLEDs Pro Video [1,8 MB]

Divx.gif BlinkStroemAdvanced-Video [3 MB]

Divx.gif Blinky-Video [1,3 MB]

Divx.gif bluebox-Videos

Divx.gif C64-Lights-Video [1,1 MB]

Divx.gif Kippenlights Video [0,3 MB]

Divx.gif LittleLights-Videos

Divx.gif Logolights-Video [0,7 MB]

Divx.gif Troia Prototyp Video [0,8 MB]

Divx.gif Troia Prototyp & LittleLights Video [3,2 MB]

21C3 - the blinking suspects

Audio recording of the lecture hold at the 21st ChaosCommunicationCongress. Only available in German, sorry.

[audio] Infofile - Ogg Vorbis 31:14 Min [15 MB]

/dev/radio - Chaosseminar and blinking objects

On 17.10.2004 Kathe and ST were at /dev/radio and moderated the show "Chaosseminar and blinking objects". The Audio excerpt can be found here. German Audio only.

[audio] Infofile - Ogg Vorbis 120:17 Min [42 MB]


Audio & Video recording from the BlinkenArea lecture (german language) at the Easterhegg 2004. The slides and additional infos are available at the EasterHack page.

[audio] Infofile - Ogg Vorbis 96:26 Min [24 MB]

Xvid.gif Infofile - Xvid 96:48 Min [288 MB]

Xvid.gif Infofile - Xvid 96:48 Min [927 MB]

Short interview in the morning of the 3rd "Heggday" in the BlinkenArea.

Xvid.gif Infofile - Xvid 08:50 Min [58 MB]

Blinkenlights Reloaded

Kathe and ST have helped to set up the Blinkenlights Reloaded installation. They took a camera with them and made a little documentation video about the Reloaded project. Until the 21C3 it should be finished. Here you can already find the trailer:

[xvid] infofile - Xvid 01:07 Min [4,2 MB]

Kathe's "Thanks Timmi" BlinkenLights Movie, at the House Of The Teacher, during the Reloaded installation:

Divx.gif infofile - DivX 00:56 Min [5,2 MB]

ChaosCommunicationCamp 2003 & 19C3

A short video with impressions from the Camp and 19C3:

[xvid] infofile - Xvid 04:01 Min [14,1 MB]

Videos from the Camp 2003:

Anno 1903

We have found the first moving pictures from the years 1903/1904, a first section of nearly unprocessed video is available: