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project overview
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Year 2004
Number of pixels 20000
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Stephan 'ST' Kambor
Project website
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temporary residence of intelligent agents

The bigest project of the BlinkenArea is TROIA [1]. TROIA deals with the subject "Technologies of Political Control". The starting point for the development of the project is a report, commissioned by the EU Parliament in Brussels (STOA), investigating the state of instruments of repression currently in use in Europe. TROIA will be realised by artists called BBM and some people of the BlinkenArea , the so called BBO, will ensure the implementation of the lighting system of TROIA.

The whole purpose of TROIA is to focus public awareness and discussion on the technologies of political control within the context of a fast developing Europe.

The installation TROIA will be shown from June 2005 in Stuttgart/Germany, Munich/Germany, Manchester/UK, Kolding/Denmark, Vienna/Austria, Prague/Czech Republic and Vilnius/Lithuania.

[2] STOA means "Scientific and Technological Option Assessment" and is part of the Directorate General for Research of the EU in Luxembourg. Between 1998 and 2002 the European Parliament requested experts to deal with the assessment of "technical and scientific options in Europe" for the fields "crowd control", "interception" and "prison technologies".