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* [[ArcadeMaxiEnglish|ArcadeMaxi]]
* [[ArcadeMaxiEnglish|ArcadeMaxi]]
* [[LittleLightsEnglish|LittleLights]]
* [[LittleLightsEnglish|LittleLights]]
* [[PixelCurtainEnglish|PixelCurtain]]
* [[ColorCurtainEnglish|ColorCurtain]]
== Lecture ==
== Lecture ==

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Juliane & ST: TROIA & bluebox - Blinking Room and Glowing Building

Within the lecture we will introduce the two biggest BlinkenArea projects to the audience and people get enabled to look behind the scenes. We are going to explain how the projects accrued and turned into reality. A lot of photos and videos underline everything and give a detailed impression of both projects.


  • Creating schematics and layouts by free software (Stefan)
  • Introduction to programming AVR (Stefan)