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project overview
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Bulb full small.jpg
Year 2011
Number of pixels 42
Grayscales / Colors 16 grayscales (gamma 2.0)
Illuminant SMD LEDs
Power input 120mW
Contact person Stefan Schuermans
Project website

BlinkenArea ultimate logo board - "bulb" for short - is a small circuit board of 5x5cm showing the BlinkenArea logo with 42 LEDs. The orange LEDs display several animations using 16 brightness levels (gamma = 2.0). The board is powered by a single CR2032 button cell.

This project is an extension of AntiKippenLights-Mini (which is a shrinked remade of AntiKippenLights).


  • [[::Image:Bulb-electrics-1.0.0_2011-07-02.tar.bz2|electrics 1.0.0 (schematic, part list and layout)]]
  • [[::Image:Bulb-firmware-1.0.0_2011-07-30.tar.bz2|firmware 1.0.0 (source code)]]
  • [[::Image:Bulb-prog-1.0.0_2011-07-30.zip|firmware 1.0.0 (hex code)]]