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project overview
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Year 2015
Number of pixels 144
Grayscales / Colors RGB, 83 = 512 colours
Illuminant 5 mm LEDs
Power input 7.5 W
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website

BlinkenLEDs Plus Colour is a project with the BlinkenLights resolution and pixel aspect ratio. It is the same size as the BlinkenLEDs Plus, but uses RGB LEDs to enable playing coloured animations.


Just as the BlinkenLEDs Plus, this project is using an LED board and a control board which are stacked and connected through pin headers.

The LED matrix is made up of three times 8 rows (for red, green and blue) and 18 columns. The multiplexing is done over the columns from left to right, the refresh rate being 100 Hz for the lowest brightness level and increasing for pixels with higher brightness. Blinken movies can be played from an SD card or from an MCUF stream through a serial RS232 port. In addition, an MCUF stream of all displayed frames is output on the same port at all times.

The project is powered by an external power supply which must be capable of supplying 5 V with at least 1.5 A.

Rev. 1.1

With corrected RxD and TxD connections.

Rev. 1.0

With swapped RxD and TxD connections between MAX232 and AVR.


This project uses the BlinkenPlus firmware.


More photos at