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* [[:Image:Lldrv-1.1_2005-01-03.tar.bz2|lldrv-1.1_2005-01-03.tar.bz2]]: Linux Kernelmodul (Graustufen) [6kB]
* [[:Image:Lldrv-1.1_2005-01-03.tar.bz2|lldrv-1.1_2005-01-03.tar.bz2]]: Linux Kernelmodul (Graustufen) [6kB]
** more recent versions: [http://stefan.blinkenarea.org/lldrv/ http://stefan.blinkenarea.org/lldrv/]
** more recent versions: [http://stefan.blinkenarea.org/lldrv/ http://stefan.blinkenarea.org/lldrv/]
[[BlinkenLEDsPlusEnglish|BlinkenLEDsPlus]] is an alternative that uses an LED matrix and is therefore easier to build on perfboard.

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project overview
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite
Year 2003
Number of pixels 144
Grayscales / Colors monochrom (Pro: 16 Graustufen)
Illuminant low current LED
Power input 1440W
Contact person Stephan Kambor, Stefan Schürmans
Project website -

The BlinkenLEDs project (hardware and player for Windows) from HooMair was one of the first 144-pixels-reproductions. The idea was born in a thread of the jaLCDs-boards, where they actually discussed about blinking keyboard-LEDs (read thread). One thing was certain, the set up of the hardware: 144 Low-Current-LEDs should be controlled from shift-registers on the parallel port. Very soon a tutorial was already available at BlinkenLEDs.de and some people started, to build a BlinkenLEDs, too. Later on some etch-templates and new software like BlinkenPlayerEXXTREME or BlinkenTool were attached. Greyscales are originally not implementated for BlinkenLEDs, but can be upgraded.

As the wiring of the PCB is quite difficult, Ca$cAde and Meb developed a BlinkenLEDs PCB. The latest version includes minor bugfixes by ST:

Stefan has clicked a space-saving PCB, which additionally supports greyscales (for use with suitable software):

BlinkenLEDsPlus is an alternative that uses an LED matrix and is therefore easier to build on perfboard.

bestückte BlinkenLEDs Pro 1.0 Platine

BlinkenLEDs Pro part list (Prices in EUR, dated 2005-11-27):

Q. Article Type/Value Identifier Reichelt No. Price Sum
1 power connector 200mil CON1 AKL 101-02 0,13 0,13
1 SUB-D connector 25pin male CON2 D-SUB ST 25EU 0,42 0,42
1 resistor 1/8W 100 R18 1/4W 100 0,10 0,10
1 resistor 1/8W 1K R19 1/4W 1,0K 0,10 0,10
2 resistor 1/8W 2K7 R20 R21 1/4W 2,7K 0,10 0,20
18 8 resistor array (9 pin) 560 R0-R17 SIL 9-8 560 0,12 2,16
21 ceramic capacitor 100nF C0-C17, C19-C21 Z5U-5 100n 0,06 1,26
1 transistor BC547 T1 BC 547B 0,03 0,03
18 shift register 74HC4094 IC0-IC17 74HC 4094 0,33 5,94
1 timer chip NE555 / LM555 IC18 NE 555 DIP 0,12 0,12
18 sockets for 74HC4094 16 pins for IC0-IC17 GS 16 0,04 0,72
1 socket for 555 8 pins for IC18 GS 8 0,03 0,03
1 electrolytic capacitor 2200uF C18 RAD 2.200/16 0,26 0,26
1 connection cable 1,8m -- AK 4040 1,20 1,20
1 power supply 5V/1A -- Pollin 350.517 2,45 2,45
Sum in EUR (without PCB and LEDs) 15,12