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The BlinkenPlayerEXXTREME was the second player for BlinkenLEDs available for windows (after the original from HooMair). It grew out of the small spectrum analyzer for Winamp (on the top left) and now has many features that convert blinking devices to universal Displays. Among others these are:

  • Support of many "BlinkenDevices" by a plugin-system
  • Automatic download of movies
  • Spectrum analyzer and VU-meter from WinAmp
  • Automatic scrolltexts with variables from jaLCDs (e.g. temperatures or weather)
  • Multiple clocks (digital, binary and countdown)
  • Support of grayshades (depends on output plugin)
  • Transmit and receive of UDP-Streams (also via BlinkenProxy)
  • Access via telnet, remote controllable
  • ... and many more :-)

current version 3.3.0 - [1,7 MB]

1stein wrote an output plugin to control ARCADEmini. The current source code is here: [19 kB]

Here's a sample-plugin, everybody can use to write his own output drivers: [10 kB]
Most functions are commented, so the code should be self-describing.