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project overview
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite
Year 2005
Number of pixels 144 (18x8)
Grayscales / Colors 2
Illuminant SMD LEDs
Power input
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website

BlinkenBadge is an extremely small Blinkenlights clone that can be used as a name tag or similar. Just in time for the 22C3, the first BlinkenBadge is ready and there is just some more firmware code missing now. :-)


  • Size: 67,5mm x 48mm
  • 144 high-efficiency 1206-SMD-LEDs (Reichelt "SMD-LED 1206K rt")
  • Several brighness values (8 or 16)
  • ATMega128 microcontroller (the [[BlinkenlightsEnglish][Blinkenlights]] movies are stored in the microcontroller's flash using a special binary file format)
  • Transfer of the Movies is done via RS232 (standard bootloader)
  • controller is ISP-programmable (solder pads similar to BlinkstroemAdvanced)
  • Battery: CR2450 lithium button cell (500 mAh)
  • Maximum power consumption: <55mA (all LEDs switched on) --> Battery life (hopefully) >>10h
  • Connection of 2 external AA batteries (or 3V power supply) possible for long-term usage

Schematic/PCB layout

Bill of Material

Qty. Reichelt-No. Component
18 SMD 1/4W 240 Resistor 240Ω
9 SMD 1/4W 4.7K Resistor 4,7kΩ
2 NPO-G0805 10P Capacitor 10pF
1 X7R-G0805 100N Capacitor 100nF
1 8-MA505 Quartz 8MHz
144 SMD-LED 1206K RT LED red, 600mcd
8 BC 850C SMD Transistor NPN
1 ATMEGA 128L8 TQ Microcontroller ATMega128L
1 NK 236W slide switch, 1 two-way-contact
1 Farnell 4450401 Button cell retainer for CR2450
1 CR 2450 Button cell CR2450, 500mAh


The blinkenlights movies must be converted into a special format with the converter first. The resulting file (movies.asm) is then included into the firmware code, so the program must be reassembled if you want to change the selection of movies. Converter invocation:

$ ./ Movie1.blm [Movie2.blm [Movie3.blm [...]]] >movies.asm

or for all movies in the directory:

$ for f in *.blm; do ./ $f; done >movies.asm

The converter only works with black-and-white BLM movies with 18x8 pixels!


See (updated regularly)!