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project overview
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Year 2006
Number of pixels 520
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Kilian Neuner
Project website
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite

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ArcadeOnMyWall is a huge replica of ARCADE with an ARCADEmini in its core.

Technical Data:

  • 130x90x10cm
  • wooden frame and raster
  • window size: 55x27mm, 3mm gab between the windows and 15mm between windows and frame
  • back: 3mm maritime pine with a rescue blanket glued to it for better reflection
  • front: 3mm plexiglass
  • 1040 yellow low current LEDs (2 per window)
  • strengthening of the wires in the gaps by 4x UDN2981
  • external power supply unit: 12V, 5000mA
Photos of the Built