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project overview
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Number of pixels 144
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Kai Gossner
Project website http://www.elektronikseiten.de/anderes/blinkenlights/

XMasLights is a Blinkenlights reproduction made of 288 lamps from a candle-lit rally and gets the data via serial port.


  • 288 lamps from a candle-lit rally
  • 288 BC337 NPN-transistors
  • 288 resistors
  • 20 74164 TTL- shift register
  • At90s2313
  • Max232
  • a lot of cable and solder

At the moment XMasLights is controlled via a serial line with 9600bps and a simple terminal programm or BlinkenPlayerExxtreme, which has a plug-in to send data to it.

In future movies will be played from a 512KByte Flash component and with an infrared remote it will be possible to play Pong against the computer.

Because of directly saving the byte sequences on the flash component, it is not nearly full, in contrast to the original BLM textfiles and compression through simple RLE.