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23:23, 22 June 2019 BlinkenBag leds on fabric1.jpg (file) 334 KB Work in Progress: how the LEDs were applied to the fabric surface with conductive silver yarn 1
23:22, 22 June 2019 BlinkenBag platine.jpg (file) 404 KB Detail view of the completely soldered platine of the BlinkenBag 1
23:21, 22 June 2019 BlinkenBag led preparation.jpg (file) 319 KB detailed view on some LEDs showing how each LED was prepared by adding soldering eyelets to both sides of the LEDs. 1
23:19, 22 June 2019 BlinkenBag bag on show.jpg (file) 288 KB BlinkenBag hanging on a mannequin for the art exhibition. LEDs are glowing and show an animated face 1
23:17, 22 June 2019 BlinkenBag almost finished.jpg (file) 281 KB BlinkenBag hanging on a dressmaker's dummy. some LEDs already glow. Some LEDs are still missing. 1