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Jahr 2012
Anzahl Pixel 24
Graustufen / Farben 4 (red, yellow, green, white)
Leuchtmittel Incadescent lightbulbs
Kontaktperson Arne Rossius

The MaxiLamps is a big version of the MaxiBlink which uses incadescent flashlight bulbs (3.5 V, 200 mA) instead of LEDs. They are arranged in a 4x6 matrix and light up in apparently random patterns. The MaxiLamps is built without any programmable components.

Mode of Operation

BlinkenMaxi is based on a 10 bit Maximum Length Sequence shift register with one row or column of the LED matrix connected to each flip-flop. The matrix's rows are connected diagonally to prevent the patterns to be too "rectangular". A 555 oscillator is clocking the shift register chain. The circuit doesn't have a power-on reset, so if all flip-flop stages are set to "0" when powering on, the circuit won't start up and all LEDs will remain dark. In that case, repeatedly applying power helps, it will work eventually ;-).