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project overview
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Year 2004
Number of pixels for 18x8 projects
Grayscales / Colors 16 Grayscales
Power input
Contact person Stephan 'ST' Kambor, Stefan Schürmans
Project website

With GEM (Grayscale Enhancement Module) it is possible to improve BlinkenLEDs based projects to greyscales. GEM is generating a 2KHz pulse, which is hooked up to the ACK Pin (Pin 10) of the parallel port. This hardware interrups will be interpretated by a Linux kernel module, which provides the greyscales that way. The BlinkenLEDs hardware doesn't need to be changed. A Windows version is not available and is not planned for the future. But if someone is fit in programming Windows kernel, we are looking forward to hear about an implemantation. LittleLights is running reliably since this conversion at the EasterHack 2004.

Because the LittleLights PCBs had names of Amiga Customchips (Agnus, Paula, Garry), the fourth board had to get a name from the Atari scene. GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) was the graphical user interface of the Atari operation system TOS.