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Year 2008-2012
Architecture Microcontroller ATMEGA128
Operating System none
Hardware requirements -
Software requirements -
Source Code Size 48kB
Memory requirements 4kB
Language C + AVR assembler
License GNU public license
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Miscellaneous http://git.blinkenarea.org/?p=flaneth

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flaneth (Flash and Ethernet) is a circuit that provides 10BASE-T ethernet, compact flash, two serial ports and some I/O pins. It is based on an ATMEGA128 processor.

The ethernet interface supports trimmed variants of ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, DHCP, TCP, HTTP.

Files can be read from the compact flash card if it contains a FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 file system.

The standard main program uses those functions to play animation files in BBM format and to send the frames via the serial port and via ethernet in MCUF protocol. Thus, flanet is suitable for operating stream-based Blinken projects not containing an own animation memory when no computer is available.

flaneth (BlinkenArea GIT)

Flash and Ethernet