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project overview
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Number of pixels 45
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Thomas Wedemeyer
Project website

In this project a radio controlled clock with a special presentation form of the time is build. The received time is displayed on a led-matrix with six separte fields. Every field represent a digit of a digital clock. The value of the digit is displayed via the number of illuminated leds in the field.

Witch LED in a field is illuminated is choosen randomly every time the digit changes.



Technical Data

  • µController: ATMega with 8MHz
  • 45 high efficiency SMD LEDs in 5 colors
  • radio controlled by DCF
  • supply current 50..200mA

More Information

Detailed information one can find on: http://www.thomas-wedemeyer.de/elektronik/AVR/avr-dcf-clock.html (sorry, German only)