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project overview
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Year 2015
Number of pixels
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website

The TicTacLights USB Retrofit is a small PCB that extends older revisions of the TicTacLights and TicTacLights Colour with a USB port which can be used for power supply as well as data transfer (MCUF streaming) through a virtual serial port. The PCB contains a Mini USB-B jack, a CH340G USB to UART converter IC and the associated passive components. It is compatible with the following revisions of the TicTacLights:

  • TicTacLights (monochrome):
    • Rev. 1.0
    • Rev. 2.0
    • Rev. 3.0
  • TicTacLights Colour
    • Rev. 1.0

Starting from TicTacLights 4.0 and TicTacLights Colour 2.0, the entire USB functionality is already included on the main PCB and the Retrofit is no longer required.


The installation of the Retrofit into the TicTacLights (Colour) is described in the construction kit instructions.


More photos here: http://arne.blinkenarea.org/TicTacLights%20USB%20Retrofit/gallery.htm.