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project overview
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Microscope small.jpg
Year 2009
Number of pixels 960
Grayscales / Colors 256 grayscales (gamma 2.0)
Illuminant SMD LEDs
Power input 200W
Contact person Stefan Schuermans
Project website

Microscope is a replica of the installation Stereoscope by Project Blinkenlights. It consists of laser-cut plywood boards. Circuit boards with 7, 8, 9 or 12 LEDs are glued into the wooden frame. Those boards are supplied with data using serial links, which are driven by a master board receiving input via MCUF over an Ethernet link.


  • [[::Image:Microscope-mechanics.tar.bz2|mechanical drawings (DXF + PDF)]]
  • [[::Image:MsGlobalElectrics.tar.bz2|global electrics schematic]]
  • [[::Image:MsLedStrip12-electrics-0.3_2009-04-19.tar.bz2|schematic and layout of LED strips]]
  • [[::Image:MsLedStrip12-firmware-0.1_2009-06-16.tar.bz2|firmware of LED strips]]
  • [[::Image:MsDistri-electrics-0.1_2009-06-13.tar.bz2|schematic and layout of distributor modules]]
  • [[::Image:MsDistri-firmware-0.1_2009-06-19.tar.bz2|firmware of distributor modules]]