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project overview
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Year 2009
Number of pixels 9
Grayscales / Colors -
Illuminant energy saving lamps
Power input -
Contact person ST
Project website -

The building, in which project bluebox took place, had been built in 1967 as a construction of large prefabricated concrete slabs. Shortly after the German Reunification, all inhabitants started to move out during the year 1990. Almost each of them left behind a nice lamp in his or her flat. Because they look like unidentified flying objects, they are nicknamed „UFO lamp“. Since the end of the project bluebox the removed lamps had been liing around. But in the run-up to HAR, the old lamps went into action again. After cleaning and repairing the lamps, they were arranged as a 3x3 matrix. Now, it is showing the appropriate hacker symbol Glider, which was suggested in 2003 for the first time. It refers the the hacker culture around free software and open source.