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project overview
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Year 2008
Number of pixels variabel
Grayscales / Colors 8 greyscales
Illuminant variable
Power input
Contact person took
Project website
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite

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The EthersexBlinken Project is an extension of Ethersex-Firmware for the Etherrape construction set by fd0 (or other compatible hardware). When using the extension while compiling the firmware, Etherrape receives all 4 Blinken Protocols and passes them to a Shifter which hands them over to a standard UART interface. BlinkenLEDsPro which is connected to the Shifter shows all incoming UDP streams.

The project accrued at ICMP4 and was tested extensivly by two Etherrapes and two BlinkenLEDsPro. Some interesting scripts have been developed as well (e.g. scrolling text over two BlinkenLEDsPro) which are already available: File:BlinkenICMP4.tar.gz