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Jahr 2009
Anzahl Pixel max. 32
Graustufen / Farben 16 Graustufen
Leuchtmittel variabel
Leistungsaufnahme variabel
Kontaktperson Stefan, ST
Projekt-Website CCLC32
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CCLC32 - Chaos Construction Light Controller 32

During What The Hack!, the BlinkenArea was encircled by construction lights. They were blinking all in a tumble, because they were not phased so far. Since HAR, the construction lights are operated by full flashlight support. The Chaos Construction Light Controller 32 provides 32 outputs, which can be connected to e.g. construction lights, when they are rebuilt in a certain way. A serial interface can receive or send CCLC32 data from or to BlinkenOutput. Furthermore, a running light-function is integrated as well.