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Blinky thumb2.jpg
Jahr 2005
Anzahl Pixel 16 (4x4)
Graustufen / Farben 16
Leuchtmittel 10mm LEDs
Kontaktperson Arne Rossius

The idea of Blinky is stolen from a website, so I used the same name for this project. As the new firmware for Blinky is not available at that site, I decided to create a completely new one, useing a smaller microcontroller and adding a few features. It consists of 16 red and yellow 10mm LEDs that are placed in an alternating pattern to form a 4x4 pixel matrix. They can be lit in 16 different brightness values. The desired operating mode can be choosen with 2 keys that can be pressed either short or long. In addition, there is an RS232 port to receive streams from a PC and an 1Hz clock source (taken from the clockwork of an "analog" clock).


  • Play "hard-coded" animations (left button, short press)
    • Several commands for animations: SET, FADE, LOOP, LOOPEND, WAIT
    • about half the flash (1024 Bytes) is available for animations
  • Play a stream received via RS232 (left button, long press)
    • MCUF protocol
    • 19200 Baud (8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity)
    • frame size must be 4x4
    • maxval must be either 0x0F or 0xFF (0xFF values are internally shifted right 4 places)
    • internal timeout if nothing is received within some milliseconds (prevents becoming out of sync)
  • Show a BCD clock (right button, short press)
    • vertical "digits"
    • 24 hours clock
    • 1HZ clock source on the back of the circuit board
  • Set the clock (right button, long press)
    • each "digit" is set independantly
    • left button = set, right button = next digit
    • the internal second couter is only reset when the "set"-button is pressed during setting the minute 1's
    • 0000 is displayed as 1111 in this mode to see which digit is being set (blinking)