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| Name=BlinkenSnake
| Name=BlinkenTool
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Operating System Windows
Hardware requirements
Software requirements
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Contact person Manuel Floether
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite

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BlinkenTool is a Windows program which puts out Blinkenlights Movies (without greyscale) on hardware like BlinkenLEDs or LittleLights.

BlinkenTool offers the following features:

  • Hardware
  • Network: Blinkenlights protocol (blp)
  • Jalcds connection
  • different screens
    • Scrolltext with variables
    • Clock
    • Winamp visualization
    • Movies
  • Drawing to Blinkenlights Hardware
  • Blinkenfonts
  • Functionality for additional LED's
  • Language
    • English
    • German

latest version: blinkentool-1.40b.zip [639 KB]

Blinkentool-01.gif BlinkenTool Screenshot

Blinkentool-02.jpg BlinkenTool Splash Screen