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project overview
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Year 2010
Number of pixels 8x8=64
Grayscales / Colors 24bit RGB
Illuminant SMD RGB LED
Power input 60W
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Project website

BlinkTisch (meaning blinking table) consists of 64 small circuit boards, each containing a single pixel. Those pixel boards are embedded in a table specially built for this purpose, so thet every pixel is in its own little box. To diffuse the light sent out by the LEDs, the surface of the table is made from satined plexiglass.

Every pixel circuit board contains a RGB LED and a microcontroller providing PWM signals to the red, green and blue channel. The pixel boards are connected to a chain of 64 pixels by connecting the data output of a pixel to the data input of the next pixel and forwarding the power supply wires. The chain is supplied with data by a central control board reading the data from an SD card.