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BlinkServ "Condor"

The Blinkenlights Server Suite is a complete new concept compared to the commonly used blccc (Blinkenlights Control Center), because the server can not only control multiple projects via streams but also has a fileserver "on board". Of course, everythink is controlable through a user friendly graphical interface.

As fileserver protocol we use the "Simple Blinkenlights Transfer Protocol" (SBTP) in version 1.0; as streaming format we use UDP-packets, version "DEADBEEF" - same as the blccc. But in contrast to the blccc, clients can request streams dynamically, too. As a special bonus, we added the famous telnet-server, that showed up as the chaos camp's most popular BlinkServ service.

Last, but not least, there's even the possibility to upload Blinkenlights LoveLetters and play them on demand.

CONDOR Main Window

Blinkserv-02.png Blinkserv-03.png
choose service...& ...configure


For the convenient use of the fileserver for up- and download (filesharing) of LoveLetters, the suite comes with a graphical client called "BlinkShare".

There's really not much to say about using it: Just connect to the server and copy the files. Uploaded movies are immediately put in the queue of the current playlist and should play shortly afterwards.

LoveLetters are just as simple to handle: Upload the movie with the "LOVE-button and the fileserver creates an unique identifier that will be remebered by the client in an extra list. When the moment arrives to show the movie, just select the appropriate number and click "Play": The Loveletter will be put into the playlist with the highest possible priority.

Of course, you can select ANY movie in ANY List and get more information about it by selecting "Info".

blinkshare Main Window

Blinkserv-05.png Blinkserv-06.png
Configuration: As simple as possible & Only love counts


Who wouldn't just want to zap into the live streams on the network? VisionUDP is just the right tool to do it! It can not only understand fixed streams (must be enabled on the server; for example Condor or blccc), but it can also request streams dynamically from Condor.

Beside the obvious use, VisionUDP is also a good tool to test own servers.

Later, sometime in the next release, VisionUDP should also be useable as a front-end for various Blinkenlights games.

Blinkserv-07.png Blinkserv-08.png
Small is beautiful & Like in a cinema :-)

To compile this tarball, you'll need Trolltechs QT3 library (best: 3.1.2) [Distributions: Install the DEVEL-Package!].

Condor Version 1.0 with all existing movies please download from the SourceForce project page.