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Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite
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Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite
Year 2003-2006
Architecture any
Operating System POSIX
Hardware requirements -
Software requirements Stream-Source, Stream-Sink
Source Code Size 231kB
Memory requirements 2MB
Language C
License GNU public license
Contact person Stefan Schürmans
Miscellaneous -

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This proxy server for Blinkenlights streams is able ro receive different streams, filter them, convert them and send them to some destinations.

  • support for BLP, EBLP and MCUF protocol
  • support for dynamic protocol extensions
  • can listen on multiple UDP ports
  • iptables-like filtering of the arriving streams
  • priority-based stream selection out of the active streams
  • conversion between formats (width, heigh, greyscale values)
  • remote control using a TCP connection is possible

download: bl_proxy/