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''[[Projects|back to summary]]''
''[[Projects|back to summary]]''

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project overview
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Year 2005
Number of pixels 18
Grayscales / Colors
Power input
Contact person Arne Rossius
Project website
Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieser Seite

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AntiKippenLights-Mini is an AntiKippenLights in the size of a matchbox that consists of 18 SMD LEDs (0805) that are, unlike in the original, driven by an Atmel ATTiny2313 microcontroller. The device is powered by a single CR2032 3V lithium button cell. The circuit can be switched on and off with the key. When it is switched off, it draws only approx. 200nA which in most cases will be less than the battery's self discharge current. To prevent an empty battery when the circuit has bad contact to the battery, it switches itself off when the battery is connected.


The prototype is still the same size as the AntiKippenLights, but it already consists of the parts that will be used in the AntiKippenLights-Mini. The source code that was written for a PIC microcontroller was ported to AVR almost literally, thus the animations are somewhat slower. In addition, the LEDs have a different order, so some animations will start at a different LED than on the original AntiKippenLights.


The PCB measures 45.7x30.5mm and fits exactly in a matchbox. The layout is double sided (of course) and it's recommendable to use thin PCB material (e.g. 1mm). The button cell retainers are the same as the ones used on PC mainboars, so you can desolder one from a defective board. The resistors and the capacitor have to be size 0805, the same size as the LEDs.



I tested the layout myself and it works great!


  • Version 0.7 (direct port of the AntiKippenLights-Software without the random number generator)
  • Version 0.8 (on/off key now working)


The programming adapter is still connected at the moment, thus you can see the 5 thin wires and a piece of paper between the Reset-pin of the AVR and the corresponding pad on the PCB.

More pictures...


Due to the great success at WhatTheHack and 22C3, I am now offering kits to build an AntiKippenLights-Mini all the time via mail. A kit contains all needed parts including the already programmed microcontroller and a CR2032 battery. The kit is available for 10 EUR or only the PCB for 4 EUR. Please note that shipping to foreign countries might add quite some cost due to the postage. If you want one, please contact me at arne@blinkenarea.org.