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24C3 Diary of the BlinkenArea

Tag -1 (25.12.2007)


This year, everything should be very relaxed - at least for me as I decided. The organisators of the congress did not answer any emails with offers to help, ideas for designing and project conceptions. Thus, there were nothing to do in the run-up to the congress - excepting ten blue fluorescent lamps (BlinkenArea Blog - in German) which we were allowed to contribute. Niob and I brought them into the bcc at 1530, checked and stored them in a corner of the hackcenter temporarily. stefan and sphaera had already arrived as well and we threw a glance at the room A04 together, which will be turned into the Hardware Hacking Room during the next days.

Apart from that, we got to see nothing interesting. Some carpet lies in the middle of the room which is called engine room and here and there a few sofas are standing around in the bcc. Only the POC is build up completely and ready. Business as usual. ;-)

Finally, we cleaned out our cars and started to unpack cased cables, lamps, blinking stuff and our BlinkenArea server. Tomorrow, we will get three special tables for soldering work and we can arrange our room on ourselves. We went home around 0100.

Tag 00 (26.12.2007)


We arrived at bcc at about 1100. It is a weary atmosphere and does not give the impression of a huge conference which takes part here tomorrow. We wanted to contribute to the light installation at the hackcenter area but unfortunatley, we did not find anybody responsible for design and light. No coulored foil was available to cover the ceiling lamps and our blue fluorescent lamps had not been moved at all.

Hence, we attend to the BlinkenArea. We arranged tables and chairs, but we did not get any tables to solder on. Furthermore, we installed current and ethernet, decorated the room with different lamps, the "Pesthörnchen" flag and some other foo.

Dauti and cavac arrived from Austria. The Der Blink-O-Mat is build up quickly and cavac works on BlinkenSisters again.

Tag 01 (27.12.2007)

Tag 02 (28.12.2007)

Tag 03 (29.12.2007)

Tag 04 (30.12.2007)