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Volldampf voraus!

The 24. ChaosCommunicationCongress takes place at bcc at Berlins Alexanderplatz from 27th to 30th December 2007. The BlinkenArea missed out the Congress last year, but this year, the BlinkenArea participates again and will be located at Hackcenter in the basement.


Of course, the BlinkenArea will use the opportunity to showcase preferably a lot of old and new projects.


The BlinkenSisters team supports the public welfare campaign of the BlinkenArea.


Some kits of small projects to solder yourself will be offered at 24C3 by Arne Rossius.

Name Description Difficulty Price
AntiKippenLights-MiniEnglish Small heart consisting of 18 red SMD LEDs, different effects, fits into a matchbox. intermediate (contains SMD parts) 10,- Eur (incl. CR2032 Battery)
LED-23 Number "23" consisting of 19 LEDs, different effects, detailed instructions easy (through-hole parts only) 10,- Eur (incl. 9V Battery)
OrnamentEnglish Single-Character Display (16 segment) text message flasher (programmable message) very easy (definately suitable for beginners) 5,- Eur (not including Batteries, 2x AA cell needed)
Programmer Cable Programming Adapter for the Micro Readerboard (RS232, 1200 Baud) very easy 1,- Eur


Please have a look at the German version of this page to see the phone numbers.

Overview | Logs | Pics&Videos